What you Should Know Before Taking the GRE Exam?

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Graduate Record Examination (GRE Exam) is one of the globally accepted exams used to take admissions in graduate programs in thousands of institutions and universities overseas. It is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). GRE assesses the verbal reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative ability skills of aspirants. Those candidates pursuing admission to the world’s famous schools or enthusiastic to seek their master’s or MBA courses appear for the GRE exam. If you want to enroll for the GRE exam so you’re at the correct place OSS Education offers an affordable GRE Exam Voucher to book your exam at a discounted price.  

Eligibility Criteria for GRE Exam 

In the United States and other countries across the world, GRE is a standardized exam that is one of the admission prerequisites for postgraduate courses. For GRE exam there is no particular eligibility criterion candidates can easily apply for GRE exam irrespective of credentials and age.  

The GRE exam is prepared for undergraduate students or graduate degree holders who are curious about seeking higher studies. The only necessary need to appear for the exam is good knowledge of English. Students need to fulfill the other eligibility criteria that universities have for their programs, they can’t get admission to universities only based on their GRE score.  


GRE Subject Tests 

Universities conduct GRE subject tests to get an understanding of the student’s knowledge about their preferred subjects. Hence, students who are enrolling for GRE are from various countries and have diverse educational backgrounds, so the GRE test proves very helpful for everyone. These tests help universities to compare the knowledge and skills of aspirants that apply for admission.  

GRE test scores help the admission committee to examine a candidate’s understanding and knowledge of particular subjects. However, not just GRE subject test scores, you also need recommendation letters, undergraduate academic documents and other qualifications to enroll in your preferred program.   

GRE General test examines skills understood and learned by the candidate over a period of time. It is divided into three sections – Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections have two sets; each set contains 20 questions, while the Analytical Writing section needs the aspirants to compose two essays, for that aspirants get 30 minutes for each section in Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning and 35 minutes to write an essay.  

Candidates need to complete the GRE subject test in 2 hours and 50 minutes, note that there are no separate time sections and the tests are provided in paper format.  


Marking System of GRE Exam 

GRE Subject Tests are scored on a 200-990 score scale in 10-point increases. The sub-scores for subjects are accounted on a more limited size – 20 to 99 score scale in one-point increases. As we see the scoring system for GRE General Test is a little bit different, the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning section’s scores on a 130-170 score scale one point increase while the Analytical Writing section scores on a 0-6 score scale ½ point increase. Remember that GRE Test Scores are only valid for 5 years.      

GRE presented the Score Select option in which aspirants allows to send their selective score of all or any GRE exam to the universities. With the help of this method, aspirants get an option to send their selective or best score to intensify their admission application. Moreover, when aspirants send their scores to universities, there is no mention of appearances of other GRE exams.  

Enroll for GRE Exam 

Enrolling for GRE Exam you need to visit the official GRE website Educational Testing Service (ETS), if you want to register online or through email, fax or phone you can also register. For registration, you need to create an account then you can easily go towards the other process of registration. You can also purchase an affordable GRE exam voucher from OSS education to make your success journey easy.  

GRE Exam Fees 

The standard administration fee for GRE Exam is ₹ 22,500 but with the help of OSS Education, you can get discounted GRE Exam vouchers. OSS Education helps candidates to lead their dream toward success in their budget. If you want to buy GRE exam voucher you can visit OSS Education, it will be full payment against the GRE exam fee.  

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