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Welcome to OSS Education! Through this platform, our mission is to support the journey of several aspirants who dream of studying abroad by providing them the discount exam voucher for several English proficiency skill tests. Users of the website i.e., OSS Education are suggested to review the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and others that explain the use of the Platforms and its services.

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About us and the Website

OSS Education is a market pioneer that provides discount exam vouchers for PTE TOEFL, SELT, GRE tests that access the English academic skills of a student to take admission to international universities. It is one of the best places where students get the best price for exam vouchers and enjoy huge money-saving deals.


As per our undertakings, we guarantee our clients the accuracy of the content (text, logos, symbols, site style, illustrations, symbols) provided on the OSS Education portal. The content on this site is regularly updated and authorized to change.

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  • Aspirants, please note that all vouchers we sell are authenticated and pre-paid. Once they emailed you, they are non-refundable and non-returnable. You are advised to understand the company’s policy thoroughly.

  • Each voucher comes with a specific expiration date. Therefore, candidates are advised to take their examination before the expiration date imprinted on the voucher.

  • The validity of our prepaid vouchers can’t be altered or extended. You are suggested to buy a voucher accordingly to avoid any hassles.

Limited Usage

The site provides access to our products, services, and software on this website for your personal and non-business use. Users are strictly restricted from using it for any commercial purposes. One cannot duplicate, modify, alter, transfer, republish or sell any material or information that you are obtaining from the website.

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The written permission is mandatory for any authenticated use of the content or material on this site. You are further restricted from distributing, duplicating, or taking content/material from this website in the act of plagiarism.

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