An Ultimate Guide to Study Abroad

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Are you the one who dreams of taking admissions to some of the top prestigious universities worldwide? Well, studying in overseas universities opens a plethora of opportunities and helps students attain multidimensional growth. 

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There are several aspirants who are looking for the perfect guide where they can get all the answers to start their study abroad journey.  

For their ease today in this blog, we have provided a complete synopsis that will make your vision clear for studying abroad and make a concise decision. 

Studying abroad is one of the best investments that opens countless opportunities and recruiters prioritize graduates who hold vast experience in a globalized society. Including better educational opportunities, the benefits of studying abroad are numerous.  

The various study abroad programs pave the way for more job prospects by enhancing knowledge, broadening global experience, and developing a diverse set of skills & capabilities that are highly demanded all over the world. 

Choose the right country and course 

Aspirants who are looking to pursue their studies in foreign universities should follow a well-structured plan. The first step is to choose the right course they want to study and the country where they wish to take admission. The next step is to consider the eligibility for their desired program which includes visa and immigration requirements as well. This process also incorporates the mandatory exam tests for enrollment. 

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Some other important factors to consider 

There are several major considerations that students should retain in mind before exploring their study options in overseas universities. Below are some of the factors that should be on every student’s checklist. 

  1. Actual course fee 
  1. Scholarship opportunities 
  1. Funding availability 
  1. University ranking 
  1. Post-study career opportunities 

Benefits of Study Abroad  

Studying abroad is one of the most significant life-changing experiences that benefit your career, and personal development and leads you towards a rewarding tomorrow. Here are the top reasons to study abroad: 

  • Top Quality Education– One of the main reasons students choose to study in a different country is the quality of education which they usually do not find in their native country. Developed countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand Canada have some of the top educational universities in the world and impart unparalleled quality of education. Hence, if you become an international student your study options will be broadened. 
  • Global Career Opportunities– Studying in overseas universities paves the way for enhanced career opportunities. Students develop capabilities to thrive in a global environment. The degree and certificates you earn are recognized and accepted globally. They showcase the candidate’s key skills and relevant experience to the recruiters. 
  • Boost Global Network– The university where you take admission often has students from local regions and abroad, giving you the opportunity to grow acquaintances with people from diverse cultures and communities. These connections grow into invaluable relationships sometimes and lead to multiple chances of job offers, internships, etc. 
  • Personal Development– International exposure not only benefits in educational or career advancements but helps in learning new things, facing challenges, absorbing fresh information, and developing your inner self. 

Documents Required to Study Abroad 

Students who are planning to study abroad will need the following documents: 

  1. Application Form– The application form is the foremost thing that you require as it contains all your personal and professional details. You are required to fill in an application form accurately before sending it to the university where you seek to take admission. 
  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)– This is one of the integral components of your application. This elaborates your reasons for enrolling in a program at the specific institution, your study background and further career moves. The SOP is significant and it will help you get ahead faster. With the help of overseas educational consultants, you can fulfill this requirement. 
  1. Academic Transcripts- This includes your academic record, courses you have opted for, grades, and degrees received from a university or institution. 
  1. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)– A Letter of recommendation is a letter recommended by your professors or managers for an applicant that elaborates his/her academic accomplishments, experience, and performance. This enables the admissions council to take an insight into your career and make an informed decision about your admission to an overseas university. 
  1. CV- A resume will provide comprehensive details of your academic and professional history. Your resume should have all of your certificates, internships, degrees, and relevant working experience. 
  1. Test Scores– It is necessary to submit your test scores with your application. You are required to take exams to study abroad namely PTE, GRE, and IELTS depending on the choice of university and location.  
  • Passport- It is necessary that you have a passport with a validity of a minimum of six months at the time of enrollment.  

Process to Apply for a Student Visa to Study Abroad 

Know the visa requirements- The visa requirements vary as per the respective country’s requirements; one should seek assistance from the embassy of the nation. 

Get confirmation from your university- Apply for a visa before traveling. Wait till you receive a confirmed offer from the university before going for the visa application, or you may be required to apply directly at an embassy. 

Choose the right visa– The type of visa you require varies by nation, but you definitely need a study visa. This basically means that your intention to stay in the nation is only for the purpose of studying. 

Take the required papers from the university- The candidate needs to contact the college or university to find out the visa you need to apply or to ask share the appropriate papers. 

Go for application- Candidates should be ready once the university suggested you the right visa and any papers you are required to submit. Take assistance from any overseas consultant and apply for a visa at your host country’s embassy. 

Processing time- The visa process can take a time period of a few days to 3 months based on the country and your nationality. Prepare yourself before time and don’t rush to get your visa in order. An overseas immigration consultant can help you to complete your application process. 

Summing up- 

To secure admission to the desired university or course, one needs to structure their plan before time. We hope the above information will help you embark on your journey to the overseas university of your choice. If you wish to take your PTE, TOEFL, GRE, or SELT exams, OSS Education will have your back.  

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